I say, you say!

I would like to share a very interesting concept in this blog which I call as “I say, you say!” We have heard people saying, “be positive and the environment around you will treat you positively.”

It is interesting to find out how our action, body language, and timber of our voice affects the state of mind of the person with whom we are interacting. People tend to respond in the same state of mind as yours. Thus, it is in our hands to set the tone of reply we want to hear from the person standing in front of you.

‘The Secret,’ a book by Rhonda Byrne, talks about the relation between positivity and the universe. If you radiate positive energy towards the universe, the universe will show positivity towards you.

In my day-to-day life, I have learned to be calm and patient with everybody around me. One of the things I have learned related to human psychology is the way you speak and react would get reciprocated to you. For example, if you speak softly to the person in front of you, you would get a soft-spoken reply; if you yell, you would get an angry response. Likewise, if you want to try, you can ask a question singing and you would get a musical answer to it. At the beginning stages of my knowledge about this concept, I experimented it over every person I met and surprisingly, I found out it was explicitly correct.

Work pace is one of the examples. If you own a small company and if you want to optimize the use of time and energy, it is paramount to create an environment where the work pace is to the summit. If you are working in a slow and relaxed pace, your surroundings will automatically slow down. Instead, if you run around to get all the work done briskly, you would see the environment getting busy and working faster, ameliorating the efficiency.

Another example is when I am playing tennis. If my opponent is a good player with great shots and energetic ball returns, I would be energized to play with equal ardor. However, when I play with my younger brother, who is still an amature, I tend to get lazy and play leisurely. Thus, your action and energy get transferred and reflected.

It has been 3 years since I have started using this psychology to build healthy and happy relations with my loved ones. Not just my friends and colleagues, but this has also helped me cut fights with my younger brother. I literally dance in front of him to ask if he wants to study with me and he dances back to say NO! It took me a while to inculcate this into myself, but I have never heard anything other than laughter on my family dining table since then. Furthermore, I think this ability to understand and take hold of the human nature is one of the important skills you would want to have in your personality.



Yet another chapter of life!

There she could smell, the Same fragrance, passing by, fading. She turned around swiftly to behold. Nothing, after a scrutiny, yet nothing; Evanished, the aroma, just like that, leaving her dumbstruck. All the memories, moments, rendering her to nostalgia.
I’m sure this happens to everybody. Particular fragrance, music, or place reminds you of past. Events anterior to the outbreak of all the grief. Reminiscence of someone, something or someplace leads to sudden morose.

Here you get two ways which lead you to very different thoroughfares.
She thought for a while, depressed, tearful, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and started running.

Making her way through the crowd, leaving everything behind, carelessly, unconcerned about what’s going on around her. She very well knew where she was going. She ran, panting, breathlessly she stopped; Stopped finally when she was there.

A huge stretch of grass, with all the flowers blossomed, and an endless lake prevailed in front on her.

A soothing fragrance of daisies and roses, the birds hosannaing her. With a smile she stretched out her arms to let go all the melancholy and distress and to smile brighter.
This soothing atmosphere let her forget everything which hurt her and gave her all the strength to live her present unabridged and look forward to her future.

All the tranquil didn’t thrust into her, there wasn’t any magic around which could instantly make her happy. She let it go in. She took a first step towards happiness. It was her choice, whether to let the fragrance or memory ruin her mood or let it disappear as quickly as the fragrance had vanished.

The scars of the wound won’t disappear instantly but they would definitely fade away if you evade them.

Past is a diary which you have already done writing. It would make you embrace the beautiful days you spent out there but present is a diary you are handy with to write and make it worth reading later and adore.

Time would be wasted exalting limited honors of past. Focus on what you have next on, once again, a new chapter of life.

After a while!

Here i am on a beautiful journey of life! God has sent me with all the sources and adroitness.
Which is the most exciting moment or day u wait for? Let’s take it your birthday! Have you ever realized that u wait for it all year and when it comes, it just lasts for not more than a while! Have you realised that it lasts no longer for u to be satisfied! The same is going to happen with you when u will be 90 years old laying on a random hospital bed!
It is 2016 today n i still think that 2008 was merely 2 years ago! Life goes on so fast! When our birthday has just passed, what do u do? Wait for another one to come with new excitement, new joy and new experiences! But once this journey of life is at par, what option are you going to be left with? Just wait for death to come and hug you!
I bet at that time you will say that I am ready to anything for a second chance! You would think of doing all the best things in your chance #02 which you couldn’t do in your chance #01!
But it is just going to go in vain! Because there is nothing called as a chance #02 for life!
So we currently have our chance #01 in pretty good condition to make it worth smiling and saying yes let everybody have a life like me while you die!
Live it to its fullest and adorn it!


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There I was again tonight.

If things are not going right with you or things are not happening the way you want them to happen, instead of being sad and showing melancholy, try and assume those wrong or obnoxious things to be right and exciting. Once you start accepting things, all the negativity around you will vanish. Once you start taking things positively and start accepting the changes around you, everything which used to frustrate you will be soothing.
Instead of thinking about what would have happend if things were different, imagine intriguing things that you want to happen around you. Let small things bring a smile on your face. Let everything excite you. I am sure there won’t be any space for tears and distress left in your life.
Our positive or negative thoughts attract like kind of energies towards itself. Everytime you have a negative feeling or intuition, there is always a probability of attracting negative clairvoyance towards you. Keep up positivity and believe me everything is going to happen your way.


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Share happiness..

What kind of people do you like? What kind of people you want to be around? What makes you feel glamorous?
Yes, i like every person on this planet who admires me. I like talking and hanging out with someone who likes to listen to me and gets involved in my conversations. I adore people who eulogies me. If you want to be the person who is loved by everyone, be the person whom u’d love.

Happiness is when you get a smile on someone’s lips.
Try and give a complement to someone you really appreciate. Telling someone that you look beautiful today will not just make her day but that smile which will spread on her lips, whenever she has a glance of u, will automatically bring a smile on your face.


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Inspiration I met…

Today I met a man named Mr. Raju Kumar Insaan. I thought ‘Insaan’ might be his last name, but when I inquired he told me he had changed his last name to ‘Insaan’ which means ‘human’ in hindi. The reason behind this, he said, was he had to suffer a lot of discrimination on the basis of caste in the society. That’s why Mr. Raju and few of his followers had changed their last name to ‘Insaan.’ They promote equality and they believe there exists only one kind of human caste on this planet which they call ‘Insaan’.


Thousand reasons we have to regret, but only one to be proud of.. so lets just focus on the latter.

When things go wrong or they do not happen the way you want them to happen, the best policy is to have faith in yourself and believe in your capabilities and in the almighty, because miracles do happen but only if you believe in them and strive for them…
Such is the advantage of an enlightened and optimistic mind. Pessimism is a voice found in an undeveloped and timid mind..
Yesterday is gone forever. Why do we have to cry over it? Think about your future and make it worth living.
However, you can make your future happier only if you make your present worth living.